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Sildenafil Ritemed: Generic Affordable for All

  • Brand: Sildenafil Ritemed
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Ritemed
  • Country of Manufacture: Philippines
Sildenafil Ritemed Tablets
Sildenafil Ritemed Tablets

Review and Description

Sildenafil Ritemed is drug developed to help men to sustain an erection during sexual intercourses. This drug addresses the main problems that cause erectile dysfunction, specifically the high concentration of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) on the penile erectile tissues. This enzyme prevents the muscles of the blood vessels to dilate, keeping the blood to enter the penis. Sildenafil Rimed has as its main component a chemical compound called Sildenafil Citrate, which blocks PDE5 and allows blood to flow naturally to the penis.

Ritemed is a modestly recent company established in the Philippines with headquarters in Manila. The company offers medication for infections, gout, cough, heart conditions, and of course erectile dysfunction. Ritemed manufactures only generics drugs without prescription. In the Philippines, most prescription drugs sold in Europe and US, do not require any doctor prescription, as it is the case of Sildenafil Ritemed.

Ritemed Website
Ritemed Website

Ritemed was established in 2002 with the mission of producing, marketing and distributing low-cost generics that are accessible to the poor people of Philippines. The company works alongside local hospitals to improve the access to its products, while advertising to break the public perception that generics are ineffective. Ritemed is a division of the largest and oldest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, United Laboratories (Unilab).

Ritemed targets its generics products for 20%-70% less than their branded counterparts, making it a very philanthropist company.

Sildenafil Ritemed addresses erectile dysfunction of many men, assisting them to regain their sexual life and improve their general well-being.

Sildenafil Ritemed Reviews

As of now, there aren’t any customer feedbacks regarding Sildenafil Ritemed available on the internet. When facing a lack of reviews, it is crucial to have a more thorough review of the distributing pharmaceutical company and its ingredients. Like many other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, Sildenafil Ritemed has Sildenafil citrate, which is the same ingredient as the branded Viagra. Sildenafil Ritemed is expected to produce the same effects as its branded counterparts without severe side effects.

Ritemed is closely monitored and regulated by the FDA of the Philippines. Besides, it is manufactured by a division of the leading pharmaceutical there. Future users can be confident that no harm will come after taking this drug. Without reviews, it is impossible to clearly know the effectiveness of the drug, but since Ritemed is a known company, consumers can be assured the product is not prejudicial to their health.

Pricing and Dosage

The medicine is available with 50 mg and 100 mg strength. One solid tablet of 100 mg costs in average $3.30. The dosage of 50 mg is usually recommended when patients start to take this medicine. Only if no effect occurs with this dosage, the doctor can recommend the 100 mg. The price of Sildenafil Ritemed is considerably cheaper than the branded drug.

Sildenafil Ritemed Cost
Sildenafil Ritemed Cost

How to Buy Sildenafil Ritemed Online

Sildenafil Ritemed is a medicine that can definitely be found online. Both dosages of 50mg and 100 mg are widely available in the Philippines, either online or locally. Many online pharmacies in the Philippines sell this drug in single tablets, with discounts if purchased in bulks. As mentioned above, this drug is easy to find because no prescription is needed, facilitating its online commercialization.

How to Use

Sildenafil Ritemed should be taken one prior to the sexual activity, with food or on empty stomach. The tablet should be taken with a glass of water. The effects can start to be felt around thirty minutes after taking the pill if the patient took the pill on an empty stomach. An erection will only occur if the consumer is aroused sexually. Consumption alongside with alcohol should be avoided.

Side Effects

The side effects of Sildenafil Ritemed are practically the same as in almost medication containing sildenafil citrate. Flushing, headaches, upset stomach and diarrhea are frequently reported effects. Some people can also feel nauseous or vomit afterward.

Medical attention should seek immediately if the patient starts having chest pains, swelling of face, throat, or neck, irregular heartbeat, or sudden vision loss or hearing. Erections for over four hours are also an alarming symptom.


Sildenafil Ritemed is a Philippian-manufactured surrogate for branded Viagra, used to treat men with erectile dysfunction. The drug contains sildenafil citrate, a component that inhibits the degrading action of PDE5. Without a considerable amount of PDE5, vasodilation of the blood vessels naturally occurs, increasing the blood flow to the penile tissues, resulting in a sustainable erection.

Ritemed is a division of the Philippines pharmaceutical leader, that is entirely dedicated to producing affordable medicines to all people, bringing a high-quality healthcare to its consumers. Although no reviews are available for this product, it is expected that Sildenafil Ritemed is safe and effective. Ritemed products are used daily in local hospitals, therefore considered safe. A doctor should be consulted regarding the best dosage to each consumer.

Another great advantage of this product is its availability online. Consumers can purchase Sildenafil Ritemed in Philippian websites relatively easy.

Considering all the factors above, Sildenafil Ritemed has an overall score of 4 out 5, not having the perfect score because of its lack of reviews. This drug is, without a doubt, economical and affordable to a wide range of people.

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